On-site Support & Training

ST Automation is a vendor neutral full system integrator with the expertise to service all types of industrial controls, PLCs, HMI’s, DCS systems and instrumentation. Our field engineers have the necessary technical experience in design, integration, troubleshooting, testing and commissioning of a wide range of automated processes and equipment. Our customers span a wide range of applications in the chemical, oil, gas, manufacturing, water, wastewater, pharmaceutical, and power industries. This technical support is offered for new and existing applications and installations.

Sigma On-Site Training and Support

    Our field engineers provide premium services that include:

    • Instrumentation Loop Checks & Calibration
    • PLC Programming & HMI Configuration
    • Firmware & Hardware Updates
    • Modifications & Integration
    • Preventative Maintenance Support
    • Emergency Response
    • Training
    • Installation & Commissioning
    • Site Acceptance Testing


    • Electrical Power Generation
    • Oil Refining
    • Chemicals & Steel Mills
    • Plastics, Cement and Fertilizer Plants
    • Pulp & Paper Mills
    • Automotive Assembly
    • Aircraft Production
    • Water & Waste Water Industries
    • Natural Gas Separation Plants
    • Food & Beverage Processing
    • Aerospace Assembly